Exploring Ireland on Horseback

Horse riding has been something that I have been interested in for years, and although I don’t get on a horse as often as I should, I still love riding. There are many things that James and I do together, and he offered to come riding with me in Ireland. I knew that there were plenty of stables available throughout the country, as horses and riding are a huge part of the Irish culture.

There is no better way to explore the stunning scenery and amazing natural beauty of Ireland other than on horseback. I was concerned that Carl had never been on a horse before, but I soon discovered that there were stables that catered for every level of experience. This was fantastic as it meant we could both enjoy seeing another side to Ireland.

Riding holidays are very popular, but I wanted to just pop along one or two times and go riding, I don’t think Carl would have been impressed to discover that he was riding every day. There are plenty of different stables that will accommodate your needs, and when I explained that we didn’t need a riding holiday, they were happy to help.

Over the last few years in Ireland many of the stables have linked up to create a fantastic trail for all riders to enjoy. This is now so well known that people from all over the world are aware of its popularity. The trail provides stunning scenery, and allowed us to experience the true beauty of the country.

Connemara is a beautiful part of the country and is ideal for horse riding, so I decided to join the Aille Cross Equestrian Centre for the day. After an initial lesson for Carl to ensure that he didn’t just fall off as soon as the horse moved we were on our way. The expert staff ensured that we were guided through the amazing trails, and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery.

We choose to do the Connemara trail, which took us through the Highlands of Connemara, however, there is also a brilliant coastal trail, which I am determined to do when we return to Ireland. Once Carl had been on a horse riding trail and managed not to fall off, I convinced him to go on another. We both wanted to explore the National Park in Killarney, and what better way than on a horse.

The Killarney Riding Stables are perfectly situated in the breathtaking county of Killarney, and offer some amazing trails. I was torn between choosing the National Park trail and the Reeks trail, which takes you through the Highlands, and the Ring of Kerry. I couldn’t choose so returned for a second day to ensure that I saw everything.

Carl decided that he would not join me on the second trail, and enjoyed wandering throughout the area with Max. There is plenty to see and do, and I am sure that they both found some local people to stop and chat to whilst I was riding. Once you have explored Ireland on horseback, you will understand why so many people ride in the county.