St Stephens Green is the Perfect Place to Unwind

We had spent many days and nights exploring what was on offer in Dublin, and many of the activities involved eating, drinking and socialising. I decided that I wanted to spend a day relaxing, but not in the hotel, so we went in search of some green space. Max was also going a little stir crazy, and needed some time to run around.

In the city centre of Dublin is the most amazing park, which attracts people from all over the city to enjoy what St Stephens Green has on offer. This fantastic park opened to the public in 1880, and is situated across from one of the main shopping centres. Many of the people working within the nearby office blocks will come out at lunchtime to enjoy the tranquillity that the park offers.

We loved the simplicity of the park, and it reminded Carl of an old style Victorian park, with people spending long lazy days enjoying the sunshine. This park was the perfect place to people watch, and we found ourselves laid on the grass, watching the lovers, individuals, families and friends. With over nine hectares of land to explore, you can easily loose a day wandering through St Stephens Green.

There is a unique history that surrounds these greens, and whilst we laid in the sunshine, with Max sprawled by our legs, I enlightened Carl on the fascinating facts. The greens were once the common that was used for the public hangings, whippings and burnings. Thankfully these have stopped and the green is far friendlier.

Knowing that I love to explore old buildings, Carl offered to wander through the park to see what we could find. The buildings that are on offer date back to the mid 18th century, and were part of the overall park restoration plan. One area that we found by chance, which is amazing, is located on the North West corner of the park.

Here you will discover a garden for the blind, which has the most aromatic plants in the world. These plants can withstand being handled regularly, and are all labelled in Braille. Moving further through the park, we soon discovered the huge lake, and had to stop Max taking a dip in the water. This lake is home to many water birds and ducks, and is fed by a beautiful artificial water fall.

As we walked across the O’Connell Bridge that spans the lake, Carl spotted the ornamental gazebo, which is the perfect place to stop and rest. To the south of the main gardens, there is more natural heath land, which was ideal for Max to let off steam. The bandstand is located near here, and we noticed is the ideal meeting point for lunching students.

Carl begun to enjoy the day, and although there was no Guinness involved, I think he was happy to relax and enjoy the quieter side to the city. I would recommend this area of Dublin to anyone searching for the perfect way to spend a few hours.

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