Top Adventure Activities in Ireland

When I told James that we were going to Ireland for our next holiday, he was delighted, but I pointed out to him that there is far more to see and do other than drink. The people are incredibly friendly everywhere that you go in Ireland, and there is a distinct party atmosphere in many towns and cities. However, there is also another side to the Emerald Isle, which includes the adventure activities.

Kayaking is something that we both enjoy, which is why I made a point of telling James that we would be visiting County Kerry for the amazing waters. The stunning Lough Leane which is situated in Killarney is beautiful, and the perfect place for water enthusiasts. We experienced breathtaking rapids, and watched the soaring Eagles above our heads.

James prefers to remain on solid ground if he can help it, so I found the perfect activity for us to do together in County Mayo. The brilliant disused railway line has been transformed into a fun cycle trail, allowing you to explore the local area. With over 30 miles of trail to discover, Max certainly got his exercise that day.

Ireland is surrounded by water, which makes finding water based activities incredibly straightforward. I love surfing, so, thought there would be no better time to grab a wetsuits and explore what surf the cost had to offer. James was happy to sit with Max on the beach, whilst I enjoyed some of the best surf in Europe.

With over 50 designated surf beaches on offer I was spoilt for choice, and decided to try out Garretstown and Strandhill. Both of which were amazing, and provided me with a few hours of excellent surf. Once I had finished in the water, we took a nice relaxing stroll with Max further up the coastline. Although the water was cold, it made a refreshing change from being stuck in the hotel.

We love walking Max and the hills and mountains in Ireland provide an excellent setting to ensure that he got many walks whilst on holiday. James suggested walking the 134 miles of the Ring of Kerry, but I thought that was a step too far even for Max. Once we began to explore what was on offer, we soon discovered that Ireland is a Mecca for thrill seekers.

James spent half a day convincing me to go up on a tandem paragliding adventure, but I managed to convince him that I wanted to keep my feet on the ground. There is so much to see and do in Ireland with numerous different adventure activities, we were never bored. I have told James that our next trip will involve zorbing, kite surfing and horse riding; he was impressed I could just tell.

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