Touring Ireland with a Bike

Ireland is a beautiful country, and although you can experience many things in a car, the best way to explore is either on foot or cycling. We didn’t want to walk everywhere, so decided that we would hire some bikes, and go on an adventure. As we were never intending to be professional cyclists, Max came along to, and enjoyed the new way to travel.

James and I spent some time deciding what parts of Ireland we wanted to explore on the bikes, as there are numerous different bike trails available. Being on a bike allows you to stop and absorb the countryside, ensuring that you take in every aspect. We wanted to experience the atmosphere, and local villages, and on a bike you can do this easily.

Alongside stopping when we felt like it, and enjoying the local hospitality, it was a fantastic way to keep fit. Even Max shed some pounds using hCG homeopathic drops whilst jogging alongside the bikes, exploring the hedgerows, and chasing the local rabbits. James was sceptical at first, but I pointed out there were plenty of country pubs to explore on the trail.

We decided to be adventurous and choose to take the bikes to the North West Trail, which includes over 200 miles of breathtaking scenery. This huge stretch of countryside will guarantee that you experience the true Ireland. As we begun our journey, we noticed that every part of the route was well sign posted, ensuring that even novices like us, could not get lost.

We were amazed how easy the journey was, and travelled through a staggering six counties, including, Cavan, Tyrone, Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal and Fermanagh. James was impressed that the trails went through villages with quaint county pubs, and we even enjoyed watching a local game of football.

The coastline was my favourite part of the journey, and there were the most beautiful beaches to explore. Rossnowlagh Beach is fantastic, and allowed Max to cool down in the sea, and run around in the sand. We did struggle to cycle up the Barnesmore Gap, and were pleased that we had decided to leave max in the hotel that day.

As we approached the historical town of Omagh, I knew that I wanted to stop and explore what was on offer. The historical town trail allows you to enjoy a slower pace of life, and be amazed by the stunning architecture. We decided to stay a while in the town, and enjoyed a pleasurable lunch, washed down with some Guinness.

Whilst having lunch I decided that the next place to visit was the Florence Court Forest park, which has fascinating caves to explore. James was not too impressed, but I found the simplicity of these caves to be awe inspiring. We were beginning to tire, and as amateur cyclists it is better to pick parts of the trails to cycle, rather than attempt the whole thing.